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  • Alex Kolodin

COVID-19 pandemic is unparalleled opportunity to bring business, entrepreneurs to Arizona

Updated: Jul 13

As published in the Scottsdale Independent

In business, I have succeeded by taking calculated risks. That is why it disturbs me to see even some conservatives suggest that taxes should be raised in response to COVID-19: the classic formula for a death-spiral.

Instead, as a candidate for state Senate, my economic proposal calls for doubling down on the conservative principles we know work because our rivals like California, New York, and Illinois will certainly use this crisis as an excuse to double down on the liberal tax-and-spend policies that have already made them failed states.

As these states collapse, we have an unprecedented opportunity to bring their most successful businesses and entrepreneurs, and the jobs they create, to Arizona, raising our economy to new heights. The state Legislature should act quickly to maximize this opportunity.

The first decisive move our state Senate should make is to help Governor Ducey fulfill his long-time pledge to eliminate the state income tax by putting a bill on his desk to do just that. As Texas has shown, the lack of an income tax provides a major advantage for attracting major corporate headquarters. Eliminating the income tax will also provide major assistance to Arizona’s small businesses at a critical time since most small businesses are taxed at the individual rate.



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