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“Arizona is another word for “opportunity”. I know that our Arizona values, fighting spirit, and solid work ethic will help us come back stronger than ever. I will advocate and a fight for Arizona’s values and our economic revival."

-Alex Kolodin




I will advance the quality of education by continuing Arizona’s leadership in school choice and by allocating education dollars so more money makes its way into the classroom. 

I believe that education is everything when it comes to Arizona’s future prosperity. I was a teacher, my wife is a teacher, and I grew up with a mother who was a teacher.

I experienced the importance of school choice first-hand at a young age. I was a difficult student early on, and thankfully my mother was able to chose to send me to a school where I could learn and excel. She never gave up on me; my mother is my inspiration. 

Arizona is blessed to be a national leader in school choice. I am committed to making sure that each family can send their children to a school that works for them. As your state senator, I will also work to make sure that our local district schools are spending their money in the classroom, where it belongs, and make it easier for our schools to implement individualized learning strategies.


Economic Growth

I will move government out of the way of business so our economy can thrive, so people can earn a good living, and so families can enjoy a better quality of life. The most competitive states in the country have already eliminated their state income tax - it's time for us to do the same.


As a business owner, I know that Arizona is another word for “opportunity.” I know that our Arizona values, fighting spirit, and solid work ethic will help us come back stronger than ever. I will advocate and a fight for Arizona’s values and our economic revival.


We will come back stronger than ever as we unleash the ingenuity and determined work ethic of our great Arizona citizens. As your state senator, I will fight to relieve our taxpayers from the burden of funding irresponsible government spending. I will work every day to make sure that Arizona families have the best opportunities to reach their career goals and dreams without being burdened by an over-regulated economy.


I firmly believe that a free and open economy is the best economy for Arizona. Our rebound will require the lowering of taxes, elimination of harmful regulations that prevent business growth, and adoption of responsible budgeting practices that will put Arizona on the path to long-term economic prosperity.


Public Safety

As your state senator, I will make sure that first responders like my brother receive our legislature's full support.

Arizona has been home to me nearly all my life and I believe that safe communities are vital to the Arizona economy and educational system. Our families deserve to live, work, and grow together in communities free of fear. Our police officers, firefighters, EMTs and others are on the front line, keeping our communities safe, and should always know that they can rely on us. I will be with them through good times and bad.


Election Integrity

I will fight for election integrity and ensure that voting is fair at all times. My sense of justice comes from my work as a trial lawyer fighting against rigged elections. That shows through my record of fighting and winning cases against government officials. I’m not afraid to battle cronyism. I will continue my fight for honest and true elections.

I am concerned that the integrity of Arizona Elections is being threatened by improper actions taken by some progressive politicians. I will fight aggressively to prevent further abuses of our election system and work on practical solutions to ensure that what has happened recently in Arizona never happens again. 

As your senator, I will dedicate myself to preventing “emergency” polling locations purposely designed to draw out illegal voters and radical progressives while suppressing conservative Arizona voters. I will make sure that radical progressives are not allowed to manipulate our election system. And I will fight to make sure that every vote cast leaves a paper trail.


2nd Amendment Rights

I will uphold the second amendment by opposing any red flag law and advancing legislation that prevents state resources from being used for federal gun control efforts. "A" rated by the NRA.

Everyone deserves to be able to protect themselves, their families and their homes and I believe this is a fundamental human right that cannot be compromised.  A free society is a well-educated and well-armed society. As your state senator, I will work to keep Arizona the number one state in the country for gun owners by opposing all infringements on our constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


Pro Life

I will not only advocate for the unborn and vote against pro-abortion measures, but use all of my legal skills to craft pro-life legislation that sticks. Our children need a voice and I’m with you when it comes to protecting them. If not us, who?

Every life is valuable and precious and must be defended. I will never vote to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which would create a constitutional right to abortion and void many state and federal laws that restrict access to abortion. 


Border Security

I will protect our border by working to nullify any municipal regulations that get in the way of building the wall. And I will not support sanctuary cities.  

All immigration has an effect on our infrastructure and must be handled carefully in order to maintain border security and benefit our economy. As your senator, I will work to maintain efficient border security and support immigration laws that ensure peace and stability in our community.

I will battle the crisis at the border because this land of opportunity is for our citizens and for those on the path to citizenship. No others. I gladly welcome immigrants who appreciate what our culture provides and respect our immigration process by following it.



Our veterans have paid their debt to Arizona in blood and sacrifice. Exempting their pensions from our state income tax is the least we can do. 

I believe there is no commitment more important to our country than the solemn vow we have made to support our armed forces. They have supported us, and now it is our turn to ensure they are well cared for. As your senator, I will work to support our veteran communities.




No Arizonan should ever have to choose between their faith and providing for their family. 

As a business owner, I’d never close my doors to any Arizonan on account of my religious views. As a Jew, I’m glad I have that choice. My ancestors knew first-hand what it’s like to be driven out of business by the government for having unpopular beliefs. I’ll use my position as state senator to protect the rights of business owners to live their faith at work.



6 Spur Circle
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

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