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You’re electing me to be your voice.

"To truly represent your beliefs, interests, and needs. I’m the toughest fighter and the hardest worker you’ll ever meet. I fight for the rights of people, often the underdogs, all day long. Few things make me happier than winning. We’ll win together."

- Alex Kolodin


Hugh Hewitt

Nationally syndicated radio host 
on 960 The Patriot

A Georgetown conservative, Penn Law, Goldwater Institute Reagan Fellow, a CAP endorsement, you are the dream conservative!

Brenda Burns
Former Republican Majority Leader 
and Senate President

Now, more than ever, Arizona needs leaders with strong integrity who understand and are grounded in the basic principles that lead to economic prosperity; who will encourage a safe and fruitful environment, family values and respect for others. That is why I am proud to endorse Alexander Kolodin for the state senate in my district, LD 23. Let’s elect Alexander Kolodin!

Robert Graham

Former AZ Republican Party Chairman

Alexander Kolodin, is a staunch conservative who fights for school choice, election integrity, 2nd amendment, border security and the life of the unborn. 

Having been the Chairman of the AZ Republican Party and paying to defend the state's anti-ballot harvesting law which was attacked by the Liberal Democrats...I can personally tell you that Alex Kolodin has done more to defend ballot integrity and was by my side the years we took this to the SCOTUS.

Walter Blackman

Republican State Representative LD6

Shawnna Bolick

Republican State Representative LD20

“As current legislators, we need stronger allies at the State Capitol to defend life from conception to ensure every human life is valued. We are proud to endorse Alex Kolodin for the State Senate. We believe Alex will be a strong voice for life in the State Senate. We urge the voters of LD 23 to join us in supporting Alex Kolodin for the State Senate.”

Tim Jeffries

Former Director of DES and Republican candidate for LD23 Senate

Alex Kolodin is a fine gentleman and family man. He’ll make a great State Senator in Arizona.


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